Monday, August 20, 2012

Restaurants You Should Try. Immediately.

Sorry I don’t really have a recipe for you today….But here are a couple restaurants I've been to lately and I want to recommend to you!

Preethi Indian Cuisine
712 2nd St, Davis, CA 95616

Have I been living in a box buried six feet under for my entire life?? How in the world did I just discover the heavenly goodness that is Indian food? My sister Kelsey and I just went to this Indian place in Davis for dinner the other night called Preethi Indian Cuisine. It was absolutely fantastic. First off they gave us this tortilla-like chip thing with three different dips. (I just googled it and apparently it’s “cracker bread.”) One dip was spicy and green, the second was white and tasted slightly coconut-y, and the third was kind of yellow-brown and spicy. SO good. My favorite was the brown one, but Kels preferred the green.  We’ve never really been to Indian before, so we asked the waitress for a recommendation. She told us the Chicken Curry Masala was popular as well as some other chicken dish. (Please excuse my terrible terminology. I really have no clue what I ate. I just kept putting strange things in my mouth. All I know is that it was positively amazing.) But we got both! One we got “Thali” style and the other was a la carte. Apparently “Thali” just means it’s served with five sides. Well I’m doing an absolutely horrible job trying to describe this food, so here are some pictures!

So much food! Kels and I couldn't finish it all. And the naan was incredible. 

This came out steaming. Pretty exciting.
I highly recommend Preethi Indian Cuisine if you are ever in Davis. It seems to be family owned and the waitress was really nice. She gave us a complimentary mango drink (I really don’t know what it was) because it was our first time there. There was so much food to eat too! We got two entrees and just split them. We ended up being really full and having a bunch to take home. So if anyone ever wants to go eat Indian food, let me know. I’m seriously considering making it my new favorite type of food.

Preethi Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

The Pita Kitchen
2989 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

I went to this restaurant a while back and thought it was so good, so Kels and I went last week to try it out again. It’s a cute family owned restaurant with a little grocery store in the front. It’s relatively cheap and so so so delicious. I just got the falafel sandwich and Kels got the super vegan or something to that extent. That’s probably not the real name, it sounds more like a really lame super hero rather than the name of a sandwich. But it had falafel, eggplant, spicy hummus, and other things in a pita. I have to say that they serve probably the best falafel I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’ve only had a falafel from three different places, but this is most definitely the best by far.

Falafel Sandwich! 

Pita Kitchen on Urbanspoon

That's all for now! I'm going to try to get up a new post weekly now so they aren't so awkwardly spaced out. Tune in next week for some absolutely delightful barbequed salmon! 


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